Severe threat July 10, 2012

Posted by shae cohan on July 10, 2012 at 1:20 PM

There is a slight risk for severe thunderstorms today July 10, 2012 over portions of Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. Although the severe threat for this area is not to high today the threat for damaging winds and marginally severe hail exists.


Picture to the left: Day one SPC outlook Picture to the right: Day 1 SPC wind probability

The area highlighted above is where the SPC has indicated at least a 15% chance for severe weather (Damaging winds or hail). There is a small chance (but not zero) of severe weather in parts of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. (See graphic below) where a few Isolated severe storms could produce damaging winds and hail.


Both pictures are representing the SPC day 1 wind probability outlook

To sum everything up if you live inside the slight risk area you should be prepared for storms to be capable of producing damaging winds and large hail. The other area could see some isolated storms with damaging winds being the main threat with them.

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